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A Little Women

2f, 2m - Full Length

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Joyless, Shapeless, and Grating

2f, 2m - Short (20 Minutes)

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The One with the Ark: A Friends Fable

3f, 4m - Short (25 minutes)

A Parody


A Little Woman

SUNY Purchase College

Shirley and Royal Durst Humanities Theatre

November 22nd and 23rd, 2019

Act I, Scene II
Act I, Scene III
Act I, Scene IV
Act I, Scene V
Act I, Scene VI
Act II, Scene IV

Ever-at-odds sisters Jo March and Amy March chase their dreams, subvert society's expectations, and fall for their other halves in the 1970s.


Maddie Frances Levine


Elizabeth Buckley as Jo March

 Kristen Schepis as Amy March

 Seamus Higgins as Theodore Laurie” Laurence III

 Egzon Muja as Professor Freidrich “Fritz" Bhaer

Lighting Designer and Sound Designer

Nicole Silwinski

Costume Designer

Julia Squier

Lighting Assistant

Benjamin Free

Costume Assistant

Coral Schreibeck


Stage Manager and Sound Assistant

Bradley Rabinowitz

Crew Manager

John Romero

Photos By
Julia Squier

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Joyless, Shapeless, and Grating

New Plays Now Festival
SUNY Purchase College
November 8th and 9th 2019
Staged Reading

Emily Flahee and Ford Hatchett met while performing in the infamous Broadway production of Charlotte's Web: The Musical, but their lives remained tangled in a web even after the curtain fell.


Terrence I. Mosley


Kelsey Longwill as Emily Flahee

Patrick Allen Moore as Ford Hatchett

Marlynn Naidira Pollard as Tash Walker 

Aaron Greenberg as Miles Torno 

with Mary Paolo reading stage directions

Peggy Stafford & Mairana Carreno

Linsay Firman

Stage Manager 
Cori Keto

Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah Mueller

Sound Designer
Nicole Silwinski

Lighting Designer
Xavier Boyer

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